The Man

Douglas Owen was born to Arther and Joan Owen in 1964. He is their third son. Unfortunately, he never had the pleasure of meeting his first brother, Brian, for he passed away at the age of two from cancer.

Doug enjoyed a childhood of entertainment, due to his father’s love of drum corps. From early childhood, he listened to music ranging from classical to rock. This spired him to join Sparkies, a young adult marching band.

At a young age, he joined Cubs, then advanced to Scouts, where his interests took him into Air Cadets where he joined the 631 Squadron’s band. He then joined the Toronto Signals Marching Band at the age of 18.

The call of being a better man took him to become a Mason. He advanced through the chairs, becoming the youngest Master of Riverdale Lodge on December, 1995.  Doug is now a member of Richardson Lodge, located in Stouffville Ontario.

In 2011, a friend grew tired of reading short stories penned by Doug, and told him to write a book. The rest is history.

The Writer

Doug wrote his first book, I Hate Zero-G, in 2012. The book was successful but lacked the fineness of a skillful storyteller. After studying for several months, he took up the NaNoWriMo challenge and wrote the first book of his Spear series. The novel became a success with young adult readers. He followed up the book with two more installments.

For several years, he wrote a novel a year, including his collections of short stories and flash fiction called Inside My Mind. His last novel, China Girl, came to life after the passing of his father.

Doug is currently writing the first book of his Blood Cell series entitled Septic Man.