A Sharp Spear Point

Douglas Owen is an author of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. He is also the writer of “A Written View” published in Indyfest and Ind’Tale magazines from 2014 to 2021.

Doug decided to concentrate his efforts in 2015 when he opened DAOwen Publications, attaching the imprints Love Knot Books, Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications, Tumbleweed Books, and Wicked Tales.

In 2012, Doug joined The Writers’ Community of York Region, and became acknowledged at being a master of Flash Fiction.


Cedar Cave Books invited Doug to submit a short story to their Word Play anthology in 2013, at which point he wrote “Lonely” in one day, a 3400 word short story. The editor was shocked and impressed, requesting only three small edits to the story before accepting it for publication.

Doug is a technology junkie and avid angler. You can find him either investigating new technologies, casting a line from his boat on either Lake Ontario or Lake Simcoe, travelling in Northern Canada, writing a novel for NaNoWriMo, or editing an upcoming publication. 

Ever get stuck with an  plot, character or industry question and suddenly find yourself lost in “research” online even more confused or overwhelmed by the volume of “helpful” information out there? What if you could talk to someone? Ask them those burning questions and find the guidance you were really looking for?

The WCYR has gathered together 6 local writers and industry professionals who will speak about their experience in a round-robin format, to answer those burning questions. In 15 minute intervals, participants will rotate around the room visiting each professional for a mini-group session. No more than 5 participants will visit during each interval, so be sure to register early – space is limited.

Douglas Owen owns and runs DAOwen Publications, a micro-press publishing company. Known as a talented writer, Doug focuses his efforts on editing and publishing talented authors from around the world. Doug’s expertise is in editing, manuscript formatting, cover design, and publishing. You can find Doug at https://daowenpublications.ca.