Yes, it is about time. No, it was not easy. Yes, I’m satisfied with the results.

That’s the preamble completed. Now that things have settled down, I can start working on a couple of things that will make the whole site work better, and start gaining a little more people for the newsletter.

Let’s not get out of control. While I love writing and creating, selling copies on my work helps me keep the lights on (or should I say the computer). This is the main tool I use for writing.

And there is more to it than just a few keystrokes behind the scene. I host all my sites on my own server. That in itself is a little more expensive, but it allows me to keep things up to date without worrying about someone else controlling things behind the scenes. It means if something happens, I can rush in and fix it. I can also do upgrades as needed, boosting performance. And the next upgrade is to boost the processing power of the server. Soon, I will pull the old blade server and put a new one in its place. A new blade server.

This upgrade will really show a difference in the speed of the site, and allow for more upgrades in the future. Here’s to the new server!