China Girl

In a near-future Toronto, Detective Roberts is on a mission to solve a seemingly impossible-to-solve case. Young women around the world keep disappearing and he has been tasked with an investigation that only has a heel of a shoe and three drops of blood as clues. Teaming up with a reluctant Interpol officer, Bruce and Mie have to untangle a web of intrigue and influence that is as deep as the justice system itself. 

The two are trying to figure out who is behind the disappearances and shut down the TRIAD’s arm before more blood is spilled. As they try to solve the case, they soon realize that the crime boss is untouchable and the lives of many underage victims are at stake. 

This Crime/SciFi novel follows the story of Detective Roberts and his partner Mie as they work together to uncover the truth. Along the way, they face danger, violence, and a corrupt justice system. With mature subject matter, strong language, and thrilling action, this book will have readers on the edge of their seats.